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L-Glutamine ? real muscle food. L-Glutamine is non-essential and conditionally essential in humans, meaning the body can usually synthesize sufficient amounts of it, but in some instances of stress (such as intense exercise), the body?s demand for glutamine increases and glutamine must be obtained from the diet. In fact, glutamine is so important to the [...]


The satellite cell-muscle growth effect Satellite cells are precursor cells for muscle cells (skeletal muscles) and high intensity training (such as weights) can boost satellite cell numbers and thus boost muscle cell numbers. Skeletal muscle is a form of striated muscle tissue, accounting for??40% of adult human body weight. Skeletal muscle is composed of multinucleated [...]


?What is Prototype 8? Prototype 8 is an international patent rights pending serum that is massaged directly into a target muscle group immediately prior to exercise and/or after exercise. What exactly does Prototype 8 do? Induce powerful vasodilation and pump when applied directly to the target muscle group you are training. Feel the muscle burn [...]


Dymatize ISO-100 derives its name from its protein source, 100% Whey Protein Isolate. Clean & Pure Hydrolyzed WPI

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